C’mon Now.

So we’ve been enjoying warmer weather. It’s beautiful outside, and I love it when the kids can just throw open the back door and go play. 

Inevitably, though, we quickly start to realize that most of our warm weather clothes no longer fit!  The flip flops (that we can find) are faded and a tad too small. The shorts are too short or won’t button, and even the dresses are proving to be too short!  

I spent some time on Old Navy’s website trying to figure out an amount to ask Josh to budget for the summer wardrobe overhaul for the girls. In the process I thought I would click over to the Women’s page and see what kind of deals were out there. And when this came up on my screen, 

I was SURE that I had clicked on the “girls” tab by accident. I mean, don’t these models look about 14 years old?????? Maybe 16.   But, nooooo, I had indeed pulled up the “women’s” tab.  

Ridiculous. That’s all I really have to say about that. 😁😁😁 

One thought on “C’mon Now.

  1. Don’t get me started..I actually ordered a few items and was quickly reminded why Old Navy is for kid clothes…the items were rather cheap, imho, and I sent it all back…where are the WOMEN????

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