He Speaks to Me {Through Kathy Ferguson Litton}

The Lord has given me a gift that I didn’t know I needed. Her name is Kathy Litton. She doesn’t know she is such a source of wisdom for me. She doesn’t live anywhere near me. I’ve had a handful of conversations with her. (You’re probably wondering how this person can be such a source of wisdom for me. Trust me, she can.)

The Lord has put Josh in a position that puts me in a position to hear Kathy teach a few times a year. 
I could probably write a small book on what I’ve learned from her….and it would really then be HER book because it’s what she has shared with me, so let me just recap some of the Nuggets that have been so useful to me. 
1) Let God Deal. (Especially when you’ve got grown kids who live in their own houses!)
2) Know Yourself well Enough to Distrust Yourself. 
3) Life Sometimes Allows things to come into your life that put you in a trajectory that you never saw coming. You’ll meet people you would have otherwise not met. You’ll go places you’d otherwise not have gone. Trust God even in the painful times of life. 
4) Your muscle of trust grows when you’re pushed into circumstances that cause your faith to grow….and those are usually very difficult circumstances. Trust brings peace. 
Faith all grown up is TRUST. 
5) She has a talk on Intimacy as it relates to marriage. Every point she makes is very thought-provoking. My favorite two quotes in the lesson are, “Every night is not going to be the 4th of July” and “Do you initiate? You should.” 
I love her heart for pastor wives. I love her wit and fun, and I love her transparency even when it is uncomfortable or causes her to go to hard places in her past. She is simply amazing and is being used by God in amazing ways, and I only see a small percentage of that!  

The baby is 8!


Our baby is 8 years old today. Not sure how that can possibly be, but it is. I walked the streets of Gatlinburg with this cutie hunting down a canteen. He found the Davey Crockett hat on his own. He still loves costumes, particularly Cowboy and detective paraphernalia. He is mastering his skills in his role as “little brother,” meaning he knows how to push his sisters buttons.  Bodily noises crack him up. And he talks more than Ruby and Molly combined….somewhat of a social butterfly, which totally cracks me up. His love language is unashamedly GIFT-GETTING. He can hardly stand the thought that there is a gift for him and he doesn’t know what it is (ie, wrapped presents under the tree at Christmas make him crazy!!!!, the surprise that is at home waiting on him is making for a long ride home right now…pictures to come later.) 

We absolutely love all that Mack brings to our family. Thankful to God for the gift of Mack!