A Day in the Life of Dorminy Home School

I follow a lady on facebook with a page called Simple Homeschool. She often lets other families contribute by sharing what their days are like. You get anything and everything. It’s fun to read how other families homeschool. Sometimes I can relate to the moms that share…especially when their kids are super close in age, which I have found to be a blessing when home schooling, though it nearly killed me when they were toddlers! Sometimes I don’t relate at all…like when all the kids are in high school. Either way, I learn a little something from each family’s day.
And last week a good friend of mine, Mary, came to see me and just through our time of chatting, I learned about a chart she uses. She sent me one she uses for her daughter, and I went to work creating my own for each of my kids.
Sooo, here’s how today went for The Dorminy home school….and I say TODAY because if there is one thing I’ve learned, each day tends to be unique. Our routine is a loose one, that is for sure!!

6:00am- I woke up, spent time in The Word and prayer, I drank lots of coffee

7:30/7:45am-Kids start waking up, they usually make their own breakfast, but today I cooked bacon and cinnamon rolls
We all talked at the table about random things and about how the day should go

8:20-I taught First Language Lessons to the girls…predicate nomitaves, linking verbs, state of being verbs, helping verbs, direct and indirect objects and a dictation exercise

Mack takes a spelling test on a cool spelling app where I record the word and then he can play my voice saying the word and type it in!

8:45-Kids go do chores and devotions
-Mom starts laundry, walks on treadmill, showers for the day

10:00-All three kids are working on math

I checked Mack’s math, he goes to make corrections.
I checked Ruby’s math, she goes to make corrections.
I already checked Molly’s math test and had her make a couple of corrections while I was upstairs getting ready.

I taught Mack his First Language Lesson (reviewing types of sentences) and writing, which is copying a sentence from a classic today. He also wrote Proverbs 1:3 today and learned the letter C in cursive and practiced A and B.

I taught History and we talked about Montgomery Ward and Sears and Roebuck! I was so interested. I had no idea Montgomery Ward was a person. Very cool to learn all about these men and the first mail-order shopping! We’ve come a long way!

The girls practiced Bible Drill while I started preparing some lunch…leftover potatoes and Bagel Bites…it’s usually leftovers or sandwiches or pizza.
Mack read outloud to me while I was in the kitchen. Molly read to me while I ate and she waited for her lunch to be ready.

Kids cleaned up living room. I cleaned the kitchen.
Ruby practiced Ukulele and Molly played around on her piano.
I helped Mack make a zip line for his Lego man. I folded two loads of laundry.

We all kind of dispersed to our own spaces for time alone. Molly watched a show. Ruby played a game on her iPad.

Just now (it’s 4:00), Ruby read Mack about five library books.

They are all watching 19 Kids and Counting while I try to talk myself into starting dinner. Sometimes they help me in the kitchen. Sometimes I want to be alone in the kitchen. Just depends on lots of things.

So that was today in our life. We will likely have a very different day tomorrow. I’m an unschooler in many ways, but I can’t quite make that leap to just letting them pick what they want to learn, but I’m intrigued by people who do!! I still like my curriculum that guides us, but I also hope I am learning to listen to what interests each kid and take the time to help them pursue those interests.

Good readers get peanut butter cookies and milk!

This is the view from my treadmill…verses I’m memorizing and a calendar to keep up with the days I actually exercise. And a funny pic of my family many years ago! It reminds me that they change so quickly!


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Here are a couple of examples of the charts we are using around here to put more responsibility on them to take ownership of their day. So far, so good.

Ok, so now I really must get in that kitchen and get to cooking. A mother's work is never done! Haha!
But seriously, when is the mother's work done?


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