I have for real helpers!

I spy two girlies that were excited to peel and cut up potatoes that we will eat for dinner! Now that does my heart good!!! They’ve come a long way to be able to use a knife and want to help. I’ve come a long way in actually letting them!

We started using a chart this week that I made and will tweak every Sunday night. It’s been amazing at helping us all stay on track, while putting most of the responsibility of owning their day on the kids! I love it. And it shows me and each of them how much they do every day! I was greatly encouraged by seeing the chart in its final copy…we do a gracious plenty around here!

And there’s a great game I would recommend to any elementary aged kids learning how to count money. It’s called “Money Bags.” Mack gives it two thumbs up.


I’m a blessed mama and sure am thankful for my time with each of these kids!

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