This morning Mack came upstairs and let us know he hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. I asked him why not. He said that Molly wouldn’t fix it for him! (Let the record show that Molly almost always fixes his breakfast!)
“She said that she would tell me what to do,” he said pitifully.

“Well that’s a good thing. Very nice of her to teach you how to make oatmeal,” I said.

He pouted around and told us several more times that he didn’t eat breakfast and Molly wouldn’t fix it for him.

Josh and I told him that she was trying to help him.
“Why wouldn’t you just do what she said so you could have breakfast?!?”

He was appalled. “Well, I’m not gonna take direction from her!”

That stinker. Willing to take a hot bowl of oatmeal from her but not willing to learn how to do it for himself.

Dear goodness. Being the baby of the family with two older sisters and a mom AND being cute is probably going to cause him to be a stinker unless there’s some intervention.

Goal of this week: have Mack proficient in making his own breakfast!!




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