Service Project!

What a great opportunity my kids and I had today! We invited the elementary staff over for lunch, and I am so glad we did. Kids these days (and in past days!) sure do get a lot done for them. The words “catered to” and “selfish” come to mind. And it’s really not just kids! We all should be on guard against making sure most everything in life is geared around ME.

So what a golden opportunity we had to love and encourage and serve some of the hardest working ladies I know!! They prepare and serve week in and week out to make sure the kids at First Baptist Woodstock are loved on and taught The Word of God. They enlist some of the grandest volunteers and work their tails off during the summer to put on an amazing Vacation Bible School and camp! What a huge job these ladies have been entrusted with.
( This is where I would insert a picture of all of them around my tree…except I didn’t take one!!! Boo!)

Each of the girls were assigned three ladies each and Mack two ladies to take care of during lunch. They fixed their drinks and then Ruby and Molly sang Psalm 103 by heart, and I said the blessing.

Then, the kids served them salad, cleared their plates and then brought them baked potato soup. While the ladies ate soup, the kids each read a thank you letter they had written about church. I was very proud of them!









Thank you, ladies, for coming over and letting us serve you. It was a blessing to us. You all are deeply appreciated by The Dorminy Family!!


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