Fall and a new bed!

Weird title, I know. Since we have been back from Israel, my eyes just cannot seem to soak up quick enough all the gorgeous fall colors everywhere!! My kids have grown weary of hearing me say, “Ooooh, look at that beautiful tree” or “Do you see all the beautiful colors??!!?? Look!!!” Ruby has told me several times, “Mo-om, our eyes are open. We see them.” And Mack, just yesterday when I told him it was so cold in the house that I was never coming out from under my blanket, said, “But who will drive us around to places and tell us to look at the trees?” Hahaha!! Made me laugh.
But, seriously, LOOK!!





I absolutely love fall. Gorgeous colors and beautiful reminders that God is an amazing Creator…creative beyond what our human minds can comprehend and yet orderly. Seasons are amazing.



This tree above is in our front yard. It turns a little later than many others on our street. It’s nice to watch it change. This tree was tiny, tiny when we moved in here 11 years ago.

Now, about the new bed. Mack has his own room with a double bed and a cool trucks/cars comforter. He likes his room until bed time. Every night for MANY years he has gone to bed mad. He wants to sleep in his sisters’ room. They each have their own twin bed with matching duvets. Very girly and cute. Mack has often laid on a pallet on the floor of their room. He has recently decided he would rather sleep in the TWIN bed with one of the girls. I usually don’t care if he sleeps with them. I’m glad they like to be together. I remember sleeping with my sister and making memories. But we had kind of been making him sleep in his bed on school nights. However, every night he would say, “I don’t wanna sleep by myself!!!!” We would tell him that he has a great bed and would sleep better in his own bed. He would then say, “This is not fair. Molly has Ruby and you have dad, but I don’t have anyone.”
And he had a point.
He would even add, …plus I’m the baby, and I’m the one all by myself.”
We would find him like this:


But now….




Everyone is happy, happy, happy! They crack me up. I’m very thankful they get to spend so much time together all day and even at night. I know one day these sweet sleepovers will be old news. I’m going to roll with it for now!

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is such a cute post! But really… All he needed was a puppy in his bed. Sorry Mack 🙁 I TRIED!!!!

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