Looking out for me!

I realize that God is a personal God who loves me. Sometimes that realization is a bit more easily recognizable than other times.
Thankfully, this home school year, He has helped me! I decided to have the girls study Astronomy with Apologia this year. Timothy Ministry, a co-op for home school families, offers science as well. I signed Mack up for science, and wouldn’t you know that astronomy is the topic!
I am teaching US History this year to all of them. I signed Mack up for History at Timothy Ministry, and I thought I was signing him up or Middle Ages, which would be fine because we covered that last year and he could likely use a review. However, I signed him up for Westward Expansion, which means he is getting our history on his level AND he gets to hear about history of the US here at home as well. I really couldn’t have planned it any better.
I happened to already have Explode the Code Workbook 4, and wouldn’t you know that my Sonlight Language Arts for Mack encourages the student to use Explode the Code 4!
I’m telling you—only The Lord knew what I needed and helped piece it all together, despite myself.

Today we created the solar system out of some construction paper and tape. Not anything to write home about, but we all worked together on it and continued to remind ourselves of God’s mighty workmanship called the Universe.
Our verse this week is Psalm 8:1, “O Lord, Our Lord, how majestic is Your Name in all the earth, who has displayed Your splendor above the heavens. ”

Indeed, His creation is mind boggling! I love having these wonderful conversations with them at home.
I loved hearing Mack read Genesis 1 while the girls wrote out some science definitions.
I loved hearing Ruby teach Mack how to remember the first five presidents of the United States.


I loved going on a good walk with them this morning after we read The
Word at the breakfast table together.

I love hearing Ruby read aloud off and on throughout the whole day. She uses great inflection and really gets into sounding like the characters.

I did not enjoy watching one child have an absolute meltdown over much of nothing. But I do love that I have the time to talk her through her emotions that seem out of control.

I loved hearing Mack tell me what he learned from his Lewis and Clark movie….and seeing him decide to build Lewis and Clark’s expedition out of Legos!

I love that I already know what is dinner and I don’t have to go to the grocery store!

I will love when bedtime rolls around, too!😉

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