Molly is 9!

Happy Birthday to Molly!  I’m always reminded at times like this…when I am looking for pictures of Molly from over the years…that we accidentally deleted a huge amount of photos, most of which were taken during MOlly’s baby years.  Of course this would happen to her.  She is the middle child.  Just one more reason she will have to feel left out or abandoned by her family.  ha!

Molly is a very independent little girl with a mind of her own.  She continues to be intrigued with all things handicapped.  She has also recently taken up an obsession with office supplies.  Thankfully, Aunt Merrilee and Uncle Jason gave her plenty of her own supplies, so she will likely stay out of mine for a little while.

We surprised her with a very simple, small get together here Sunday night.  She had no idea, so it was fun to see her walk in to some of her favorite people here to celebrate her.


photo copy 2

photo copy

photo copy 3

Mack helped me put together the gift Ruby bought for Molly.  He was a good helper.

photo copy 5

photo copy 6

Molly is rolling it around like she is some sort of worker.  She got a digital camera, too.  We shall see how well she takes care of it.  The girl is always into something.

She keeps us on our toes, and we love having her as part of our family.  It would be quite boring around here without her personality involved in our every day lives.  It’s been this way since the day she was born!

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  1. You have some GREAT pictures of Molly through the years…the one with Ruby sportin the pink cast kills me…Molly SOOOO wishes she was the one with the cast, haha! Love you Molly 🙂 Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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