That Mack

I love how each of my children are so different. It really makes me laugh most days and keeps me on my toes in areas of training and discipline. They all respond in unique ways to the same situation. And they each like spending their time in very different ways. Ruby will almost always choose reading, though a good movie is a close second. Molly chooses drawing or going through my room to find something of mine “that is old and you don’t use anymore.”
For Mack, he creates costumes depending on what he is interested in or he plays music and performs. I cannot believe some of the costume details he comes up with all on his own. He creates from paper (I always find scraps of paper all over the house), or he will use his Legos to make something he can’t find. He is a fun kid. I enjoy hanging out with him.



He made an oxygen tank out of an empty 2 Liter bottle in order to be a fireman.


That’s an ax made from paper. He even made a lot of paper fire, taped it to his bed and then rescued his bear from under the bed.




And last, but not least, is his music. He invited me into his room this afternoon to watch him perform.

Please note his pedal that he stole from Molly’s keyboard. I videoed him as well, but cannot figure out how to post it here. I’ll keep trying because it it too cute!
That Mack! I love that kid.

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  1. Mack is very creative — wish he got to hang out with Vance more b/c they have similar styles of play đŸ˜‰ LOVE the oxygen tank!!

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