Need Nap

VBS week does many things for me and my kids, not the least of which is it reminds me that even though home school has it challenges, there is the exhausting routine of regular school that we don’t have. Hats off to moms who get kids up early and out the door every single day of the 180-day school year. It is not for me! And the car! I have driven entirely too much this week.
I know. I’m a wimp.
Anyway, the other thing VBS does is make my heart raw with emotion. I didn’t work at VBS this year because I’m spending a week at elementary camp with hundreds of 3rd-5th graders. However, I was still emotional every time I was on campus and saw the droves of kids going to their classes. I nearly cried every time I thanked my kids’ teachers when I picked them up. I suppose that because of my fond memories from childhood that I wrote about here.

Mack and Molly loved their week at VBS. Ruby took a trip to Colorado with her dad, so she only went Monday. Either way, exhaustion came to all of us…even though both of these kids said, “but we’re not tired!!!”


Each day Molly has been going to lunch with a friend and then going to sewing camp. She has made a messenger bag, a duffle bag, three pen holders, and a gecko pillow. I’ll have to post pictures when she gets home later. I’m so glad she has had this week to practice sewing and try new skills!
Mack had a friend over one afternoon. He is such a nice kid. Mack loves him!


They do all things BOY.


One night I had Bible study here and Mack and Molly stayed upstairs as quiet as mice! I was thankful for that. They played well together, but they missed Ruby while she was gone.



What a week!! I’m not 100% sure on this, but I’m pretty sure our schedule is more laid back when school is “in session.” There’s just too much fun to be had! Maybe July will be filled with lazy pool days. Maybe??

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