Fun times!

So far we’ve been enjoying the hot days of June. The kids stay up a little later and, therefore, sleep a little later in the morning. They do their chores and fix their breakfast first thing. Then, we spend some time on math and reading before heading to the pool or starting a project. The days are not dull, that’s for sure. I thoroughly enjoy the break from a stringent day of school work.

Next week the kids will attend VBS at church. Ruby will go on a trip to Colorado for part of the week. Molly will attend sewing camp every afternoon. Then, we hope to take a trip over to Augusta to see family. My kids miss their cousins.
Here are some pictures from the past week or so.


Mack was able to help fill baby bottles for the VBS missions offering emphasis. He worked very hard.


Molly had a friend over when Ruby spent the night away from home.

Mack sometimes pouts at the pool because he’d rather be playing Legos.

Ruby had a friend over to swim and play this week!



We don’t just lay around the pool all day. We go to the library, too!




Sewing project, anyone?

Reading NATE THE GREAT! I’m so proud of his hard work.



Thankful for these days with the kids.

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