All About Josh

We had a great weekend celebrating Josh! Bucco di Beppo and tennis shoe shopping for him and roaming Barnes N Noble book store….Ruby was in heaven. She couldn’t decide which books she wanted to buy. It was torturous not to buy each and every one she wanted, but it would have been more torturous to part with every cent of her birthday money…and a fun stop at Krispy Kreme on Friday night.


Mack found a silly book about hippopotamus’ belly buttons.


Saturday we went to Scottsdale Nursery to pick out some plants for our front yard. A few shrubs died in the last freeze we had…and doesn’t every dad want to do yard work Father’s Day weekend??? Josh did a good job!


And he had some great help!!

We finished Saturday with a stop at the pool and Outback for dinner! Josh spent time studying and putting finishing touches on his lesson for class, like he usually does every Saturday evening.
Today, Sunday, has been a good day! We got to watch Ruby practice her Kidzplace worship, and she did a great job helping lead worship for the whole group. We are thankful for the opportunities our kids have just by being a part of our church.
Josh taught a great lesson in our class, and we enjoyed worship service very much…always good to sit under Pastor Johnny’s teaching of The Word.
Lastly, I’ll share how my kids completed this sentence:

Daddy, if you knew how much I loved you, you would…..

Ruby- “feel an earthquake in your heart.”

Molly- ” almost die.”

Mack- “burst into flames. And by the way, you’re the best dad in the world.”


Our kids are so blessed to have Josh! I’m deeply grateful for him and his role as Daddy!

I’m also extremely grateful for my dad! I sure do love him and don’t know how he survived having three daughters! That’s a lot of emotions in one house.


And we love Irv! He’s a great dad and has been a wonderful role model for Josh.


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  1. Great post! Love the ‘Dad’ pictures. BTW, looks like Meme and Daddy on that ferris wheel 😉 And I really love Ruby’s little face as she contemplates her book purchases 🙂

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