Moving Along

September is just moving right along. We are enjoying the beautiful weather and are looking forward to even cooler days.
We just started week 6 of our curriculum. Each kid seems to be doing well and learning…what more could we ask for? They also each are greatly enjoying their Sunday School classes. We are so blessed with some amazing teachers.
The girls are loving their Timothy classes. I mean, between Art, American Girl, Ukulele, Bible and a class where you do a craft and apply biblical principles, what’s not to love??

Mack and I are enjoying our time together also. He is a fun kid. He started Upward Flag Football. We are all learning a gracious plenty. 🙂

Lets see if I can share some pictures:

Getting ready for football practice





We went to a new Krispy Kreme last weekend. Everyone was happy!


The kids got sidetracked with cutting one afternoon.


And I’m working on the truth of this poster:


The day can sometimes take some unexpected turns, and I’d like to handle them with more grace. Home schooling is not for the faint of heart. And I would like my kids to like me when all is said and done. :/ the good news is that my prayer life is stronger every day. (And I realize I have no pics of Ruby! I’ll need to fix that. She usually hides in a book. )

Hope everyone’s September is also going well!

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