As promised, here are the girls!

Ruby is growing up so much! She still absolutely loves to read. It is an extremely rare day that she doesn’t consume quite a chunk of a book. She remains our most loyal child…do not mess with any of us,or else you’ll have the wrath of Ruby! Well into her 9th year of life, she continues to bring us much joy! She is a fabulous daughter. I’ve enjoyed so much all of our little chats…those sweet times when we are enjoying some down time and both end up in the living room, just talking about this and that. She is a sweetie.

And Molly. This is an appropriate picture…she stretches me beyond all I could imagine. In a good way. She isn’t much for just sitting and chatting or reading. She wants to know what she can do or if there is anything of mine she can have or if we can take a ride somewhere or what snack she can have or if she can cook dinner by herself with no one in the kitchen except her or if she can take her baby dolls on a walk or if she can ride her bike to the park or if there is a craft we can do together. Busy little bee, that Molly. She is the wanna-be-independent one, that is for absolute sure.

This morning we ate at Cracker Barrel (also known by Mack as “Crackle Bear”). And, once again, the difference between boys and girls made itself apparent.


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