Moms of Tween Girls!!!!!

Alright, Mamas, unless you’ve been under a rock….and really, sometimes it might seem like a good option….you’ve likely heard about Miley Cyrus Gone Wild. While I didn’t see it with my eyes, I gather it was disgustingly inappropriate, yet telling of our culture. Sad. Very, very sad. Anger and frustration was definitely a part of my reaction, but just as quickly was a heart-felt sadness for her as a person. Can’t imagine the darkness she is living in….and without the grace of God, I would be wallowing right where she is. Thank You, God, for Jesus!

So, we could only curse the darkness. Not a good option.
So I wanted to share with you a fabulous new girl group that lifts up Jesus with fun music and even a little rap! They are a GREAT option for your little tween girl!! Lets help our daughters out—go buy this CD or download it on iTunes!

1Girl Nation is the name of the group. They have a song about being young and how they will “go right when the world goes left” and they’re gonna “save ourselves the heartache, we’re not looking back on what we wish we’d done.” Good message! Go check them out! Your daughter will think you’re pretty cool.


And maybe this will work…,this is a link to their new video….

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