Molly, the little entrepreneur

Oh, that Molly!! She is obsessed with babies. This summer at the pool I would start looking for her and then find her across the pool under an umbrella holding another mama’s baby. She would tell me, “She knows me now. And she likes when I play with her baby!”
She has decided that now that she has some experience taking care of Drew and Elizabeth (her dolls), that she is ready to be a babysitter.

Now, let me also say that I am very proud of her. She thinks outside the box. I also did agree to help her with this little endeavor….help, meaning that I would actual be the responsible one as I teach her how to care for a baby. Or any kid up to age 3, says Molly. Take a look at her first draft of what her business would be like:

So sweet and so funny!! I told her that we could offer a couple of hours at a time and charge just $2 an hour because it is mostly for her to gain experience and fulfill her love of babies! So if there is a mom who needs to watch her older kids in a school performance or if they’d like to meet another child at school for lunch or maybe they have a doctor’s appointment and just need a couple of hours of someone caring for their little one, then Molly (and me) is your gal!! She said on page 2 of her business plan that she would go on a walk with your child if that is best and she asks that you bring a few toys and a bottle because she is good at feeding babies.
Even if a worn out mom needs to go for a walk and chill at Starbucks, we can help! So pass along this info and let Molly know if she (and I) can help!
In the meantime, we will be working on her business plan…which will begin with spell check!


I’m searching my mind for a caption for this picture….”Super Molly—caring for babies since the beginning of time” or “Need a sitter? Never fear!! Molly is here!!”

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  1. $2 an hour??????????? Wow, I may have another baby just so I can utilize Molly’s bussness skills 😉 She is so hilarious!!!!

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