A new box of markers…

I was roaming Target today, and I came across a large pack of markers for a good price. I bought them, and I was “the best mom” for it. The kids have been coloring and coloring…while watching a new American Girl movie, which also assisted in my “best mom” status.



While the kids were in the school room writing thank you notes to their Sunday School teachers, Mack got a little frustrated with all the words I was directing him to write. He said in a serious tone, “I just don’t think I can do school AND football.” It was quite clear that he thinks his time is going to be better spent running and throwing a ball than writing words. I let him know that if he could only handle one, then he can be sure school was the one he’d be working on. He gave me a “Seriously?” look.
Cracks me up.
I mean, he is signed up for flag football–one night of practice, one game a week.
At least he is taking it serious. For now.

The girls have been very sweet to each other today. It seems to come in spurts. They can really get into it, but when they are kind and patient with one another and enjoy each other’s company, it is quite encouraging.

We are entering our last week of official summer break, as we will be starting our new routine and curriculum on August 5th. I sure hope we are up for it!

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