Baby Gubbies?

I was just sitting here, minding my own business and I hear Mack say, “Ruby, we’re gonna have baby gubbies.” He was staring at the fish tank where three goldfish live in our kitchen.
Ruby asked, “How do you know there will be guPPies??”
I sort of hold my breath thinking that there is no way he knows where baby guppies comes from.
“See how they are staying together?”he said with confidence.
I said, “Mack, what are you talking about?”
He said that the fish were staying together in the tank so they must be dating and were gonna have gubbies.

Dear goodness. It’s one thing if the fish were married and gonna have gubbies, but he thinks they are only dating and gonna have gubbies.

We clearly have much to explain….technically and morally.

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