Feeling Average? Tired of Mundane?

I’ve been keeping up with Ann Voskamp and her jaunt over to visit Katie Davis in Africa. I would be lying if I sometimes read of these adventures and compare it right up against me doing laundry and cleaning house, or worse yet, me losing my cool with the kids or me shopping online for shoes since I already have more than any one person should.

It’s extremely easy to feel like what I am doing isn’t even on the radar of mattering…I would give a list of the average, even mundane things I do each day but you already know them. You do them, too.

This quote from Ann Voskamp’s most recent blog caught my attention:


So no matter what you are doing on this Wednesday morning, I hope you are encouraged that what you do matters when you are operating in His Spirit and out of His great love!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Average? Tired of Mundane?

  1. You told me once ” Every time you wipe a snotty nose or clean a dirty plate God knows what you are doing and He cares.” This has sustained me manyyyy times.

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