JULY ONE! (and happy for it)

It is most definitely July 1st, and I am so happy about it.  May was full of end of the school year stuff, some family vacation traveling…June was filled with more traveling to see family and a work trip for Josh…but JULY, Lord-willing, will be calm.  I have no intentions of packing a bag.  I just want to enjoy being at home, have fun with the kids and then towards the end of the month I will do an over-haul of the school room to prepare for our first day of school…but why am I even thinking about that right now???

This past weekend we took a ride over to Augusta to see my family.  We swam, fished, talked, and ate too much.

photo copy 8

This is Marcy, me and Cacy…sisters.

photo copy 10This is my Dad (aka PawPaw) with Jud, my 7 year old nephew who cracks me up with his antics.

photo copy 12These are the seven dwarfs, I mean, seven cousins waiting to eat at Old MacDonalds Fishcamp.  I really should try to come up with names for these dwarfs….I would need to have my sisters’ input so as not to offend though….they all could be “Whiney” or “Mopey” or “Sleepy.”  From time to time there’s a “Happy”…and I’m pretty sure “Dopey” might fit on occassion.  Overall, they are all very sweet kiddos that get along.

photo copy 13The food did not disappoint.

photo copy 11The whole gang of us, minus Uncle Brian who had to work.

photo copy 14My mom (aka Sweetie) and Molly

photo copy 9The Three Stooges waiting to go to church

We really did enjoy the time with family.  Can’t wait to see them all again!

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