Sweet Molly

My Molly, the second-born child, is quite the character.  She always has been.  I truly love how God made her even if I don’t always know exactly how to best respond to some of her antics.  She is usually full of questions.  I believe she is the most persistent person I’ve ever come across.  She is an amazing little care-giver; that topic could take another whole post with her obsessions over all things handicapped and that never-changing #1 Christmas list item—a wheel chair.  She’s serious about that, too.

Anyway, tonight Molly was once again not interested in watching a movie with her brother and sister.  We had been bike riding, swimming at the pool, out to grab lunch and then they even did some math.  It’s not like the child hadn’t been doing plenty all day.  However, she just couldn’t sit still and chill out.  No, instead, she conjured up a plan.  Date Night with Daddy!!  And she was adorable about it.  She secretly told me that she was going to go take a shower, and then she wanted me to come up and help her pick out a dress.  I also got to fix her hair, which is something usually only she does.  She had also let Josh know that they would be going to Olive Garden and then some where else for dessert.

She didn’t want  Josh to see her all dressed up yet.  She said to me, “I wish that he was downstairs looking in the mirror fixing his neck tie and then he would see me come down the stairs and say ‘Oh, Molly!  Wow!'”

Yes, she did say that.  Bless her future husband’s heart.  He better be attentive and ready for little Miss.  She is so funny.

And sure enough, Josh did not disappoint in the “You look so beautiful, Molly” department.  It was precious.



And off they went to spend some precious time together.  She was over-the-top excited to have him all to herself.  I bet she doesn’t stop talking the entire time.

As I feel a lump welling up in my throat, I will try to hold back the tears….and I’ll end of a funnier note.

I lovingly told Josh to relish this moment because no one in the house wanted to spend time with him as much as she did right then.  I told him I love him so and love being with him, but I wasn’t planning to fix my hair and put on a dress for a date.  I have VBS to prepare for and laundry to do!  He laughed.

Can’t wait to hear what a fun time they have together.  Sweet memories.

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  1. I will try again…. I am so fighting this huge lump in my throat. What a great honor to be the first man in little Molly’s life….and she is so blessed to have Josh as her daddy. He is a wonderful example of her heavenly father. Kiss Kiss to them both.

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