It’s a good day

Today has been a good day, a day when I love home schooling the kids.  Yesterday I didn’t love it, so I thought I would record my thoughts on this “good” home schooling day.

I enjoyed a calm morning in a quiet house before the kids were awake.

I loved being able to tell them to make their beds, brush their teeth and get dressed AND to go fix their breakfast while I took a shower and got ready for the day.

It was nice to sit at the breakfast table with our devotion and Bible and talk about God’s Law and what we can do when we disobey.  “If You, O Lord, marked iniquities, O Lord, who could stand?  But with your there is forgiveness of sins.” Psalm 130

I smiled as I sat on the carpet reading to Mack and glancing at his chubby feet, crossed as they poked out from his jeans….and how sweet it was that he patted my hand with love while I read to him.

The girls laughed together as they did school work under the desk!  They thought they were really getting away with something by creating a comfy “fort” of sorts under there.

When we read about how Egyptians believed that they needed things like food and money in their tombs/pyramids, you should have seen the looks on their faces.  We had a great conversation about what we believe about life after death…we won’t need pizza or money in Heaven!

We read a story about a missionary to South Mexico named Ruby!

I was thankful that I could take a break from school to catch up with a friend on the phone who has had a rough few days.

I am grateful for getting to teach my kids about helping verbs and action verbs.  I know, weird…but I love grammar and anything about language.

I was greatly encouraged to hear Mack read.  He made my day with how he answered some math questions, too.  Some days he answers wrong ON PURPOSE and laughs.  Today, he answered right!  What a wonderful thing.

And lunch was another opportunity to be thankful for all this time with my kids…each little face around our table, talking and planning what their afternoon will look like.

I must also mention that chicken and carrots and potatoes are in the crock pot getting good and ready for dinner time, when we will welcome Josh home and again enjoy some time around the table together.

Today is a good day, a productive day, a day when I know God has set my perspective straight.  On my own and in my natural self, I quickly see the negative, the down-side, the challenges.  Today, He has lifted my head above the junk so that I can see clearly.

And I am thankful for this very good day.

“It is good to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to Your Name, O Most High; To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning and Your faithfulness by night,” Psalm 92:1-2

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