Girls vs Boys

I am well aware of the many differences between boys and girls.  Today was just another example of how very different my children are…..

If you recall, a while back we went to the doctor because Ruby was running a fever with no other symptoms.  They asked her to give a urine sample.  She wouldn’t.  We stressed out over it big time.  And that “we” mostly means me.  She ended up having strep, so the urine sample wasn’t even necessary.

Last week the girls had their well-check (we get around to those about every three years).  The doctor told Molly that she hadn’t pee’d for her since she was 3 years old!  She said she REALLY wanted to make sure all checked out well.  Of course, Molly couldn’t go.  And we tried several times.   A little frustrating, but I had learned my lesson from my bad reaction to Ruby, and I just accepted that the pee wasn’t happening for Molly.

Today, however, was a different story.  Trying to be helpful, I asked Mack to fill up his water bottle and bring it with us so he could sip on it in the car.  He gulped the water down before we left the driveway.  We made a quick stop in a store, and while in there he said he just HAD to go.  I was worried he wouldn’t have any urine for us at the doctor’s office, but he looked desperate, so I let him go.  He got a small smoothie in the store, so he drank that on the way to the doctor.  About ten minutes into our drive to the office, he started begging me to let him go potty.  I told him he could wait until we got to the doctor so that he could go in the cup.  With about five minutes left in our drive, what do you know, but Mack stops all his fidgeting and says, “Oh no.  I have some water on me.”

“WHAT??!!  Mack, did you just wet your pants??”

“It’s just a little water.  That’s all.”

We parked.  He got out and was covered with pee all over his shorts.

Then he cried because Ruby laughed and laughed at him.  She laughed so hard she could hardly stand up.  I couldn’t make her stop.  Molly was crying because she does that when situations get stressful.

And he HAD to go potty as soon as we walked into the waiting room.

AND he had to go before we left.

To say we overdid the liquids is an understatement.

Josh wanted to know what we did about getting home.  He had to put back on his wet shorts and suffer all the way home…that’s what we did.

Doctor’s appointments stress me out.  I remember why I wait years and years for well checks.  When they aren’t sick, there is no need to put oneself through such.  Not to mention the question that is asked a million times before the appointment:  “Do I have to get a shot?”  “Will it hurt?”  “Why do I have to get a shot?”  “Will it be this long?  or like this?  or will it take a long time like this?” (as he pokes his arm for different lengths of time)

Ahhh, I’m glad it is almost time for bed.

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