Fun Sunday…for some.

Sweet little Ruby was sick with strep on Sunday, so she and I did not get to go to church.  I was so disappointed!!  However, we enjoyed our time together….she slept most of the time….or threw up.  Other than that, we had some quality time in between laundry and straightening.  Mondays are usually horribly full of chores, but today has been quite pleasant because of the things I got done yesterday.  I don’t want to make a habit of working on Sunday, but I am just looking at the bright side of having to miss promotion Sunday/welcome back Pastor/new worship leader day!

The other three members of the family went to church.  Mack got to go to his KINDERGARTEN class, and he was excited.  He said he had fun, but he did miss the indoor playground.  He said they got “Cracker Jams” for a snack.  Funny.  He also said the service was fun because of the music, but that he was kind of bored.  He’ll have to get used to it though.

Molly and Mack were off playing together Sunday evening and staying away from Ruby.  Josh often finds them playing “house” or some other thing that Molly has come up with.  He usually intervenes and suggests that they go outside and play or pull out the trucks or maybe go throw a ball together.  So, I thought it was quite funny that when they came down the other night Molly said, “We were playing wedding” (quick pause) “with the cars.”  She went on to tell us how they were using a big rig’s tractor as the aisle and they’d “walk”  the cars down the aisle to get married.  Gracious.  That girl gets her way somehow or another.


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  1. Cecilia missed Ruby on Sunday. Hope she is feeling better. Remind me to tell you a story about Molly and the music. BTW thank you so much for the letter this week wanted to tell you in person but…..

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