Memory Lane

Just recently I changed the settings on my computer to have all of our pictures scrolling on the desktop.  I also recently moved the computer into the desk in our kitchen so that I could see exactly what the kids were doing on the computer.  Well, we find ourselves watching the pictures often and laughing about different stories behind the pictures.

Like this one:

Molly and Ruby were re-enacting the Christmas Story.  Molly was Mary.  Ruby was a shepherd at this point….Mack was not really participating as a certain role.  He was, however, making a mess of their production.  I remember how he was sitting on the animals and running in and out of their performance.  Obviously, Ruby was mad at him.  And also, quite as obvious, Mack was having fun being a pest.

Then there is this sweet picture that I remember like yesterday:

It was one of those days when pajamas were the attire for the whole day.  Mack was about 9 months, Molly was 2 years old, Ruby was 3 years old.  These were preciously maddening days.  🙂  I’m sure you can imagine what I mean by that.  I am so glad that I was here with them day in and day out and have lived to tell about it.

Oh dear, how I remember this picture!!

This was one of those moments when I started realizing just how much trouble I was in with Molly-Moo.  She is definitely a persistent and thorough little girl who does not get overlooked.  Whew.  What a mess she can make.

And what a sweet little face this is.  That boy was always so squishable.  Even today I see him like this picture in a lot of ways.  He continues to be the victim of many squishes and squeezes.  I always loved when that fair-skinned baby fat was clean and in a diaper and a onsie.  Delicious.

This one cracks me up because there were YEARS that IF Ruby had any clothes on, they were dress-up clothes.  She always preferred nakedness or make believe over real clothes.

There are so many more pictures that are attached to my heart with sweet memories.  I sure am grateful to continue on in life as these little kiddos’ mom.  They are fun to get to know.  They have been used by God in so many ways to point out my need for more of Him.  My mom always said she enjoyed each season that we went through, and I can see what she means.  I love looking at those sweet baby pictures, but I don’t long for those days to be these days!  I enjoy the independence each of them have learned.  I am finding joy in their distinct personalities, and I am still reminded daily of my need for more of Jesus in me if I am going to thrive in this motherhood gig!  It is not for the faint of heart.  What I have found to be the most helpful to me is SAYING I am sorry and ASKING them for their forgiveness.  The pressure to get it all perfect is no where around here….I’m far too realistic to think that I will even come close to perfection in anything, much less raising these kids.  Good grief.  BUT, I do want them to know that their mama knows when she blows it.  And I’m sorry for it.  And I want their forgiveness, to be back in right relationship with them.  It’s such a good thing.  I hope that they will have wonderful memories of growing up in this house and with all of us being together.  I hope the kids take walks down Memory Lane  and find there were plenty of stops at Forgiveness.

**This post MIGHT have been inspired by a doctor’s visit for Ruby today when I MIGHT have lost my cool with her while she was supposed to be giving a urine sample.  I MIGHT have been ticked to the max that she would not pee on command.  There MIGHT have been tears all around…Ruby, Molly, Mack and me.  It was ugly.  Or rather, I was ugly.  We all cried, they all forgave me…… I mean, they would have IF that really happened.**






4 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. LOL!!!! I am so glad that you made me laugh at the end because the pictures were getting me :,( The time goes so fast! It rips my heart out then fills it right back up at the same time :/

  2. The precious maddening years! I feel like I am in the thick of it! Love looking at the pics of those baby kids. I remember when I would come over and watch them so you could go to the OB with Mack and Molly would just go to the pantry and stand there. Haha! She is persistent…oh, I got one or tow of those persistent kiddos! Thanks for sharing.

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