Early to bed

Tonight on the way to dinner at a friend’s house Mack was jabbering and jabbering and making endless, unnecessary noises.  After two warnings to stop, Josh told him he would be going to bed earlier than the girls tonight.  This brought on fake tears and whimpering until I turned around to acknowledge his pitiful face.

Fast forward to our drive home…

Mack:  “What are we doing when we get home?”

Josh:  “It’s 9:45 so everybody is going straight to bed.” (clearly not even remembering the pre-dinner consequence he had delivered to Mack about an early bed time)

Mack: “Oh, so it’s late and everybody is going to bed together??”

Josh: “Yep.”

Molly:  “He was supposed to go to bed earlier!”

Josh: “Well, it’s too late to do that, so everybody goes to bed and we’ll have Mack go to bed early tomorrow night.”

Mack:  “What if you forget?”

Josh:  “Then you won’t have to do it.”

Molly: (said in a very serious tone) “I’ll remind you.  I’ll write it down.”

Mack:  “Then I’ll scribble scrabble through it.”

Molly: “I”ll write it somewhere you can’t see.”

Mack:  “I’ll follow you.”

Gracious.  Those two are a pair.

Of course upon arriving home Molly went straight to her room to lock her door and write it down.

Mack beat on her door and demanded justice.

We laughed at them.

I wish someone would send me to bed earlier than everyone else in my house.

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