Happy Birthday to Gran!

Today Gran would have been 65 years old!  It’s been such a strange year and a few months without her.  As the kids grow up I realize that I miss her more and more.  She  would love to see how they are learning and maturing…and how they challenge us!   I know she would have loved having them down at her house for a week or so each summer…and boy how I know I would have loved that!  We miss her.  Things are not the same without her.  In the same breath, we know she is in Heaven and that we will see her again.

Just yesterday the kids and I were singing a song in the car—it’s a good one that really puts things in perspective!  (Building 429)  This is NOT OUR HOME.

Ruby looks a lot like her…and acts like her, too!  We love how Ruby has some strong personality traits that remind us of Gran–loyalty, a love for books, and a healthy lack of concern of her outward appearance.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Gran!

  1. Love that song…and love that picture of Gran…looks like Ruby and I see some Mack in there. I can only imagine how hard losing her has been for all of you. Thank the Lord for the comfort of knowing she is in Heaven!!!

  2. I miss her more everyday. We enjoyed seeing all of you last week. Hope you get to come back soon, It is hard to beleive how much they have grown, Love to all, GG

    1. Thank you Kristy for your words that touch us all. Wouldn’t you love to have the traits of Deb and oh how wonderful to see them in your children. She touched us all in a very profound way and she will continue to live on in our hearts and memories. Looking forward to loving on you and your family. Rejoice for another day to praise the Lord. I love you all, Pep

  3. I too miss her daily. She is so missed. She would so love to be here watching her kiddies, but we know she is watching from up above.

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