Mack, the ham

I forgot about these pictures of Mack that I took over Thanksgiving.  He used to HATE to have his picture made.  I have plenty of proof that I could share with you, but I am sure you believe me.  He was always the one with a big pout on his face or with his arms folded and his head looking down.

However, he’s gotten a LOT more used to having his picture made.  And this particular night he was hamming it up.  Posing over and over again with different odds and ends at my parent’s house.  And there are many odds and ends around there this time of year!  Take a look at Mack….cracking me up.

At least he decided to pose with his cousins, though they aren’t at all interested in his photo shoot.  This little boy is so funny to me!  I have even more pictures of him with different items from my mom’s living room.   He was full of himself!

He’s also full of words.  He talks from the moment his feet hit the floor.  It can drive a woman batty after a while!  I have gotten fairly used to it though.  Josh hasn’t.  It is funny to see how much of Mack I can “turn off” if I need to think about something else or talk to someone else…I mean let’s get real.  No mom can sit and just hang on each word her four year old says, right?  But Josh tries to redirect him during dinner or other times and it just cracks me up because it works for about five seconds and then Mack picks up right where he left off.  So glad we have this little ball of fun as the caboose of our family!

2 thoughts on “Mack, the ham

  1. Those pictures of Mack are adorable. What a switch!! I bet you haven’t quit taking pictures of him yet…I wouldn’t have. Merry Christmas!

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