I’m getting older. (and so are you!)

The other night I went out to eat with a few friends and had a real nice time.  We ate at PF Changs and talked a lot.  A “funny” thing happened when we were leaving.  A young hostess stopped me and said, “Can I ask you a quick question?”  I said, “Sure!,” thinking she might ask where I got my shirt or what products I use in my hair.  I don’t know….that is just where I thought she might go.  But no.  She decided to say this: “Are you Mrs. Dorminy?”

Um, no.  I’m Kristy.  Mrs. Dorminy was the name folks called my mother-in-law when she was at work.

I said, “Uh-yes,” and searched her cute young face to jog my memory of where I knew her from.

“You taught me 7th grade at Webb Bridge.”

I said, “Oh, really?  I am so old.  How old are you???”


My friends proceed to get a kick out of me being called Mrs. Dorminy, and they loved being witness to that whole conversation.

I MUST add (because otherwise I just feel old) that she did say I was the most beautiful teacher she ever had.

Vain?  Maybe, but her kind words buffered the blow of the whole 9 years ago you were my seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Dorminy thing.

5 thoughts on “I’m getting older. (and so are you!)

  1. Funny! Several months ago, I asked a college aged young lady at church to introduce me to her new boyfriend. She said his name and then pointed to me and said and this is…(I thought she forgot my name) so I said Nate…and she said, Mr. Nate. I’m used to small children calling me Mr. Nate but not someone college aged. Oh well.

  2. Welcome oh naive one…it only gets worse…hahaha!!! The kids I babysat have kids. At least you were Mrs. Dorminy to her and not Ruby’s mom. And yes you are beautiful…people say I look just like you…ok… they say I look like Cacy…whatever!!

  3. Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger..the first sparks class Mark and I ever taught graduated high school this past year….get out the Miss Clairol!

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