Million Dollar Pie

KitKat and a dollar bill at Halloween

Hershey’s in a bowl at her house…always

Letting us rearrange her furniture when we would spend the night with her

Homemade Vegetable Soup

Fabulous Dressing at Thanksgiving and Christmas

Writing songs and recording them on her tape recorder and then letting my sisters and I hear them

Bayvale Baptist Nursery

Trips to Sky City

Easter Egg hunts

green carpet

heater in her hallway

Always making us wear socks at night in her house

Kitty Blue

never used garage area

Mrs. Pharr

swinging on her front porch

Reader’s Digest

a “french” bath

hearing the train when we spent the night with her

Hollering out ” g’night John Boy” and on and on we would go–Cacy always slept with her.


light post in her yard

wall of family pictures in her eating area

the kids table with Bentley and my sisters

Wheel of Fortune

Rice Krispie Cereal with spoonfuls of sugar

“Aggavation,” the game

Silver Tinsel on her tree at Christmas

As sure as I am sitting here right now typing, I know Meme is in Heaven, enjoying Jesus.  She was a sweet grandmother who lived a great, long life and only got sick right here at the end.  Lots of folks loved her….and lots of us will miss her.



8 thoughts on “Meme

  1. I love this so much…thank you…I can barely get through it, but thank you! I would add “Archie & Jughead comic books in her bathroom; laying on her green carpet while watching The Birds on Halloween night; picking me up early from DFA b/c I was ‘sick’ and taking me to the bowling alley with her (funny how I was always sick on her bowling league day); watching Days of Our Lives while eating Bugles and Cheez-Whiz; letting us rake the leaves in a pile and jump in them; and THE DRESSING only b/c it deserves to be listed twice” And I also have no doubt she is in heaven with Jesus right now…wow…that’s all that gets you through the loss 🙂 🙂 Love you Meme!!!!!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of all the wonderful reasons Meme will always hold a special place in my heart!! And I would add that she truly was a shining Light for Jesus!! And Wendy’s….swinging on her front porch swing….sitting with her at Bayvale Baptist and cleaning my toe lint!! hahaha!!!

  3. I am so sorry.
    I am glad you girls have such great memories to remember. I know you will miss her.
    She must have been a great lady. Love and prayers to all of you.

  4. Kristy – That is so sweet. She was a beautiful lady. When you mom moved her to the nursing home near me, I was going to go see her with Marcy that weekend and then they put her back in the hospital. That pic is one that all of you will treasure forever. Yes, she is smiling on all of us today. We are all better people from knowing her and especially all of you for having her as a “MeMe” My dad and Dennis loved to fish and when I think of them – I think of them fishing in heaven. So maybe MeMe is fishing with them today. Love all of you and will see you this weeked. GaGA

  5. I remember Fifi, as I now have one, and the rooster, really (ask your mom) getting lost in sky city and freaking out, carrying you on my hip and Meme saying “put her down she can walk”, going to the fair and riding the spider with me!!! So many wonderful memories!! I miss her too. I miss ALL y’all too. It was very hard to leave Augusta! 🙁 Knowing she feels better makes me smile. Thanks for the post!!

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