I am so grateful for the time that I spent with my family in Augusta for Thanksgiving (though the jury is still out as to whether we all ‘inherited’ a stomach bug that seems to be taking down other family members one by one).  Seriously, I am so glad that I got to spend a few days with my mom and dad and my sisters and their families.

My mom always does a great job at making holidays extra special.  She loves to decorate and make things festive!

She gets into details that I would be sure to overlook if I were in charge of setting the table.

But more than just the special decor on the table, there were very special people all around the table.

The kid table…they crack me up.  They did really well this year.  Everyone can eat on their own–now that is something to be grateful for!

So thanks Mom and Dad!!  We all had a great Thanksgiving at your house.

And just keep it to yourself how grateful you may have been when all of these little turkeys were out of your house!