First we must rehearse

Here are some shots of Friday night.  The church looked fabulous for the wedding.  Merrilee wanted a sit down brunch/lunch, so she had the tables sat up at tables and that is where you watched the wedding.  Everything really was so pretty and the details were all taken care of so amazingly.  I don’t remember many details being in our wedding at all, but it has been almost 11 years ago.  The details probably get a little fuzzy over time.  And every part of the wedding helped me reminisce back to our wedding.  I felt the most pretty on the Wedding Rehearsal night…I don’t know why that is, but it is so true.  And Merrilee looked so pretty that night, too.

Merrilee, her mom and brother

Mack and PawPaw standing in the room where we had the rehearsal dinner

This was set up in the wedding chapel…Mr.& Mrs. Dorminy’s wedding pic is on the left and Merrilee’s mom and dad’s pic is on the right.  I loved seeing their picture there.  As happy of an event this wedding was, there was a profound sadness without Deb there to witness it.  I don’t know what heaven is like and if she got a front row seat to the event from there, but I sure hope she did.  She would have been so happy and had so much fun!

This was Jason’s cake….there’s a story behind it, but I am not sure I should expound.  Basically, he’s always opened up his heart and home to other folks, but the time for that is over.  Merrilee is moving in, so everyone else can move on out.

Ruby was sure to check everything out.

My crew before the rehearsal

Josh and I, the old married couple.

More wedding day pics to come…but just be forewarned that I have only one pic of the Bride, and I am afraid it isn’t a great one because it is on my phone.  🙁  I was videoing the event, so I didn’t get to snap pictures.  She was beautiful!

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