Catching UP

We sure have had lots going on here lately.  We just finished up LoveLoud through our church.  It’s a church-wide Mission Project.  Our class went a few different directions, and we were able to be a little part of all three projects.  We’ve been having church out at a local mobile home park for about 4 months on Wednesday nights.  It went very well, and we aren’t sure what should happen next.  Another couple led a project at a boys and girls home in Jasper, Ga…lots of yard work and landscaping.  And a handful of other families helped with a home our church owns and opens up to people, particularly missionaries.  We had a special interest in this project since some of our dear friends were coming to stay there for about five months.  I need to work on getting some before and after pictures…the end result of the new bathrooms was amazing.  Here’s what our kids looked like after such a full week or two:

We’ve spent a lot of time at home, too.  School seems to be going well.  We are doing math, english, writing, reading, phonics, history, and spelling….will start Science after the new year.  I’d also like to start some geography that I recently  read about, but I just haven’t yet.  We usually go for a walk a few times a week, and we make time for a library visit every two weeks.  Daily we work on life skills like conflict resolution, cleaning bathrooms, putting away dishes, watering plants, etc.  The teaching/learning never ends, I tell you.

Here are some more pictures from around here:

A fort Molly and Mack made

Sweet Ruby…getting so grown up!

This was a funny picture to me because I can see how each girl’s personality comes through in their binders.  Molly’s are all lined up.  Ruby’s are thrown up there however they land.  They are so different.

I feel bad for Ruby.  Just last night we were talking about how this time last year she broke her arm at the park.  Well, this morning she was trying to open our dining room blinds and the top valance piece of the blinds fell off and landed on her big toe…splitting it and creating a need for seven stitches!  Poor Ruby.  I just pray that in one week it feels much, much better and she can put her foot in the dress shoes that she has to wear in Jason’s wedding!  Gracious.

Josh was so kind to come home and take Ruby to the little urgent care doctor up the road.  I tend to get very queasy and have been known to pass out at the sight of cuts and blood.  I got her situated and called Josh to come help.  AND I was sort of still in my pajamas…along with the kids.  I mean, sometimes that just happens when you homeschool.  I try to get showered and dressed before 10am, but it just didn’t happen this day.  Oh well.  Josh was our hero this morning.

Oh, and here are two other pics I found on my phone.  One is of GG watching the kids while we went and saw COURAGEOUS down in South GA on opening weekend.  It was a great movie.  And we are so thankful GG stayed with the kids for us!

The other is Molly and her cinnamon roll/doughnut thing that was HUGE!!

4 thoughts on “Catching UP

  1. Okay, Kristy. Imagine Ruby’s dress being denim, and you will have Katherine’s latest dress. It’s the exact same style, and they both look adorable in it! They are growing up so fast and sweet!

  2. Sweet Ruby I think she should have what Molly is having. I am looking forward to seeing Courageous. We recently went and saw ‘A Season of a a Lifetime’ about Jeremy Williams. He was featured on Extreme Makeover. Google it…It will be out officially next year…I think. You and your Sunday school class would love it!!!!

  3. I really enjoyed staying with all three of them. Wish I lived closer so they could stay with me more. See you next week. Love, GG

  4. I STILL dream of that BIGOLE’ cinnamon roll Molly ate!! haha! And I can’t believe there’s no toe pic!?? I SO would’ve posted a before and after pic of Ruby’s toe! 🙂 Sorry to hear and hope she’s able to run and jump around very soon!!! Love ya’ll!!!

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