14 years!

Don’t have much time, but I just wanted to mark it down that today, 14 years ago, Josh and I became a couple.
The kids wondered what that meant, so I told them that it meant we only wanted to be together and didn’t want to be apart.
They also wondered how old I was. I told them I was 19 and in college and that they shouldn’t even think about being a couple with anyone until they are college-aged.

Makes sense to me. We’ll see if they take my advice.

3 thoughts on “14 years!

  1. I can’t believe y’all have been a “couple” for 14 years. I told you 15 years ago that Middle GA was a magical place. I was 19 too when I met Dan at MGC!!!! I am so glad to see you both still so happy and in love. Middle has had a face lift but the memories are still there…

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