Well, the days are flying by, and I can’t find enough time to be creative with the blog.  That’s ok though…I’m sure the earth will keep on spinnin’.

Let me try to remember a few things from around here:

Molly turned 6!  Oh, yes she did.  We had the Barsh family over for dinner, cake & ice cream and some swimming at the neighborhood pool.  I love when our families get together…it’s so easy and fun!  We’ve known them about 9+ years.  Each of kids are right around the same age…like, born within 6 months of each other and are the same gender–girl, girl, boy.  They have fun together, and we adults have fun together, too.  I didn’t get many pictures, but here are a few….

singing happy birthday….really slowly….Molly loved it.

“Molly” the doll got some new pajamas!  And a new i-pod…take a close look.  She also got some adorable luggage, a camera, and more!

Molly got a PO-GO stick, too.  It was a big hit….for that night.  Since then, it has hardly been touched.  We’ll see.

And let me just really confuse everyone.  Here are a couple of pics I promised from when Renn and Vance visited us, and we celebrated her birthday:

Jesse enjoyed eating seconds or thirds while we ate cake!  Josh cooked some yummy food.  I take no credit.  🙂

Josh had a birthday just yesterday, and we enjoyed celebrating Friday night with some folks.  He also enjoyed some time with his dad and brother on Saturday.  I think he had a good weekend!

Here are some things the kids said about him when I asked them some questions….fully planning to put them in a card, but not having the time….oops.

What’s dad’s favorite food?

Mack- “Brocolli”

Ruby- “Grits”

Molly- “Bojangles”

Where would Daddy choose to go on vacation if he could go anywhere?

Mack- “on a trip”

Ruby- “Beach”

Molly- “camping”

If Daddy could read a book about anything, what would it be about?

Mack- “Football”

Ruby- “Jesus”

Molly- “his study for Sunday School”

What makes you laugh about Daddy?

Mack- “When he be’s funny and tickles us

Ruby- “chases and tickles us”

Molly- “when he throws us on the couch”


And maybe I close with a little bit about Mack.  He is…a mess.  He’s either talking non-stop and laughing and trying to make others laugh OR he’s really upset…..take a look at this face:

I see this sad face more times than I would like to mention……..Four years old is not really a great age for Mack……but maybe it’ll get better.