Getting into a routine

Wow.  We are in full swing and it is just the first day of home assignments!  The day has been good and very, very full.  We did do a little extra because we want to take Molly to the mall for getting her doll’s hair straightened and to pick up a cookie cake that she requested.  These are important things to an almost 6 year old, so we worked hard in order to have a little extra free time tomorrow.

The Open House last week went well.  Mack and the girls all got really excited after seeing their room and meeting their teachers.  I seemed to find a million different things to organize in our school room here at home….kind of like nesting before having a baby.  I told Josh that I would stop going to Wal-Mart for this and that if school would just start already!!!  I likened it to the last month or so before Mack was about to be born.  I would buy “extra” toilet paper, paper towels, crackers, and who knows what else….all because I was certain I would never leave the house again with a 2 year old, 1 year old and a newborn.  And though I probably shouldn’t have ever left, I did.  And we all survived somehow.  And that is how it was this year.  With me working on Tuesdays and Fridays, I felt like if I didn’t get it before school started, then we would not ever get it.  Crazy, I know.

This is our new chart that we use to try and keep the kids on task….things like making your bed, brushing your teeth, setting the table, etc.  It seems to be of some help, but minimal.  We’ll see if it helps as the year goes on.  We are still on THE basics.  I would love it if everyone flushed and washed their hands each bathroom break, but we still have trouble with that.  I have much need of endurance.  It’s a theme in my life.

And above is a quote that is also where I am these days.  What’s inside will indeed come on out.  Yikes.

And here we all four are…dressed and ready to go to school!

Ruby (7 years old starting 2nd grade), Molly (5 years old starting 1st grade and turning 6 the next day!), Mack (4 years old)

And this, my friends, is no small victory—we can now park our car in our garage.  Yipee!

And now, three days later, I am able to post this entry.  It’s officially Saturday night.  I went to a luncheon this morning with some friends and thoroughly enjoyed the time with friends and the great encouragement from The Word.  I am amazed at how much energy and effort went in to this past week, and by Friday night I was kind of discouraged because I kept thinking…”How in the world am I going to keep up this momentum??”…it really can seem a bit much at times, but only because I am looking way too far ahead.  I have been enjoying some walks a couple of mornings during the week, and the Lord has gently been reminding me to take each step in faith, believing He will provide for me whatever it is I need for the moment.  One step at a time.

“If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.”  Galatians 5:25

Here’s to starting a new week off walking in the Spirit, step by step!