Molly, the flower girl who thinks she’s the bride

Ok, so Molly is supposed to be a sweet, calm, adorable flower girl that helps usher in the REAL focus, the bride….which will be Merrilee.  However, in our search on the internet I found that Molly is a little confused on her role.  Seems she thinks she is 30 years old and in need of high heels and jewels all over her dress.  Just to make sure you understand, here is the picture of her favorite one. She said, “Oh, can’t we just go ahead and order that one?”

A-hem.  I don’t think so.  That Molly is one crazy girl.

4 thoughts on “Molly, the flower girl who thinks she’s the bride

  1. hahaha! Molly’s getting married at the young age of 6!?!? WOW!! You should just go on and buy that wedding gown…umm, I mean flower girl dress! 😉

    She’s a hoot!!

  2. Seriously LOL right now…Molly is a HOOT! And, btw, that girl in the picture sorta looks like Molly from a few years back. This is giving me some birthday gift ideas 😉

  3. What kind of mother denies her child her dream wedding dress at age 6…can you tell I have 3 boys. LOL I only had to RENT a tux for Payne when he was 7. Can’t wait to see pictures of her in her real dress.

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