Oh, dear.

Molly came downstairs with 4 quarters and 4 pennies.  She wants to give this money to some kids at HP, a place we go visit on Wednesday nights.  She laid out her money and told me she wanted to give each kid a coin, so would I say each kid’s name when she picks up a coin.

“Brandon, Jordan, Casey, Ryan, Aidan, Andrew…”

It just so happened that she picked up a quarter when I said the name “Andrew.”  She stopped, looked at me and said, “Ruby said give Andrew a penny ‘cuz he ran over her with his bike last week.”

Oh, dear.  Maybe this week we need to work on mercy and forgiveness.

4 thoughts on “Oh, dear.

  1. This is funny… I am with you on mercy and forgiveness, but unfortunately sometimes ‘tire tread on the foot or leg’ has a tendency to stick with us 😉

  2. Kristy, As a retired K teacher and with no grandchildren yet I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Susan Hill forwarded to me. excited about Jason’s engagement and wanting to help with a shower. Look forward to more good reads on your site. Becky Carlton

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