7 thoughts on “Some Pool Shots

    1. LOVE the noodle float… too funny! 🙂 Looks like ya’ll have been enjoying the pool as much as we have! WOW Mack… he’s going for it off the diving board, huh?!?!

  1. Shana and I are on the same page. I will even pass the hat and take up a collection for the
    1.99…jeez Josh. However, the kids are precious and obviously having a blast. There is nothing better than a pool and a slide (for the young and old).

  2. I can’t decide my favorite pic. While you are the picture of relaxation, Ruby peeking over the edge of the pool is just adorable. Then there is Mack, standing there totally impressed with the head-first technique on the slide…too funny! Great pictures Kristy!

  3. Hey girl, I wanted to let ya’ll know about a clothing show that I am hosting. It’s Castles and Crowns at my house on July 30th from 10 – 12. It will be the new fall line. Sizes 6 mos to 7/8 girls and boys and coordinating outfits. I’d love for you to come if you can, although I know that they may be hard for you. They also have a website: CastlesandCrowns.com. If you are interested and cannot come on the 30th, I can also take orders to submit with the party. I sent the info to Cacy as well and asked her to pass it on to Marcy.
    Thanks and hope ya’ll are doing well!

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