Picture Unload

Ok, I have to start somewhere with our South GA visit….there were a ton of pictures on my camera.  I liked a lot of them, so I will try to post a few each day and keep this blog going.

First let me say that MOMS never get to be in any of the pictures…they just take the pictures and document the events of life.  As I was looking through the pictures I saw that Josh had taken a couple of me.  #1-me from the rear (and all I could see was my REAR) and #2- me on a self-created float made of water noodles.


Any-hoo,  moving on.  These are my favorite close ups of the munchkins:

5 thoughts on “Picture Unload

  1. haha! NOODLE! NOODLE! NOODLE!!! 🙂

    I totally know what you mean, though. I looked at our MB pics and only 2 pics of me with the kids!?! What’s up with that???

    And I have fallen off the bloggin’ wagon……

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