“Don’t Get Towards Me”

Mack had a rough night.  He got in my bed early this morning.  I don’t know for sure if he was overly-tired or if he is having allergy issues like the rest of us.  He is so funny when he thinks he is sick.  He puts on THE most pitiful face and walks slowly around the house, careful to let out groans at calculated intervals to ensure no one has forgotten about him.

I am not sure where he got this wording, but I am sure it was from me in some way or another.  If one of the kids is sick I am always saying, “Don’t get in her face” or “Don’t sit next to her” or, if it’s really bad, I assign the sickly one a couch and no one can touch it or them or even walk near the couch.  HA!

Anyway, when Mack is feeling under the weather, he loves saying to the girls, “Don’t get towards me.”

Just a minute ago he said, “Mama, Ruby is TOWARDS ME!!!!!!!!!!”  It makes me laugh.

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