She lost it.

Molly lost her first tooth today!  She and Ruby were wiggling and wiggling and wiggling it after it was nearly falling out after eating an apple.  Here are some of the things I heard them say during the ordeal:

Ruby: “Molly, if you don’t stop moving I will never get it out.”

Ruby also said: “I’ll pull it off quick like Daddy does our band-aids.”

Molly was heard saying this:  “Since it’s my tooth, can I try first?!?”  (Poor younger sister…she probably isn’t sure anything is really hers…including her teeth!!  Ruby is a strong big sister and uses very creative ways to keep herself in charge at all times.)

After they tried a while, Molly came to me and said, “Here, Mama–you pull it out.”  I put my finger on her wiggly tooth and then felt queasy.  I cannot handle much of anything involving blood or body parts that aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing.  I told her I was sorry, and I might pass out if I did try to pull it out.

Her reply was swift.  “Mom, if you can’t take this, just get out and we’ll tell you when we pull it out.”


Only minutes later she was hollering about her tooth being out.  And she was asking Ruby if she could hold her tooth.  HER tooth.

It really was a very sweet moment.  I couldn’t handle the wiggly tooth and blood, so I was totally out of their way.  Those two sweet sisters were working together and making a sweet memory.  I am so glad that they have each other!

Obviously, Ruby has some experience in the “losing teeth” business.

“Don’t Get Towards Me”

Mack had a rough night.  He got in my bed early this morning.  I don’t know for sure if he was overly-tired or if he is having allergy issues like the rest of us.  He is so funny when he thinks he is sick.  He puts on THE most pitiful face and walks slowly around the house, careful to let out groans at calculated intervals to ensure no one has forgotten about him.

I am not sure where he got this wording, but I am sure it was from me in some way or another.  If one of the kids is sick I am always saying, “Don’t get in her face” or “Don’t sit next to her” or, if it’s really bad, I assign the sickly one a couch and no one can touch it or them or even walk near the couch.  HA!

Anyway, when Mack is feeling under the weather, he loves saying to the girls, “Don’t get towards me.”

Just a minute ago he said, “Mama, Ruby is TOWARDS ME!!!!!!!!!!”  It makes me laugh.