In the words of Buzz Lightyear…

Sometimes Mack’s cuteness is just too much to take.  Tonight Josh and I were sitting on his bed listening to him tell some stories about his day at church.  He cracks us up at how he tells stories!  Josh was being summoned to Molly’s room, so he went to leave, kissed Mack and told him he loved him.  Mack said he loved Josh.  I asked, “How much do you love Daddy?”

He simply and sweetly said, “…To infinity and beyond.”

Is that not the cutest thing???

5 thoughts on “In the words of Buzz Lightyear…

    1. That is super cute! Cacy…I am a dork and don’t know how to reply to comments on my blog:( Call me when you want to talk about homeschooling…706-830-2188.

  1. Love that Mack! I wanted to write something thoughtful about your post of the past year…still haven’t had the time to sit down and do that. Just wanted to say that I appreciate you sharing what the Lord is doing in your life! Exciting stuff:) I’ve been praying for you!

  2. Love that! 🙂
    I guess that about sums it up, huh? Funny how we under estimate their wisdom isn’t it!?! Who knew that they really knew what buzz was talking about!!!

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