Spring Break!

Today is the first official day of our Spring Break.  We don’t have any assignments that have to be done and no where we have to be, and I am so happy about this!!!  We enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon followed up by Rita’s and some bike-riding.

To say Mack was excited about riding his new bike would be an understatement!

He rode so fast and for so long.  The girls were off and on their bikes the whole time.  Not Mack!

Uncle Jason and Merrilee stopped by for a visit.  The kids threw balls at Uncle Jason for fun!

And today we’ve enjoyed a relaxed Monday.  Besides some allergy issues, it has been a great day.  I am trying to stay inside, as the pollen count is over 3,000 and the wind is whippin’ something fierce.

We’ve painted, played dollhouse, done laundry, watched a movie, wrote some letters, solved a few math problems, and learned (again) how to properly clean our rooms and make our beds.  Maybe it will stick this time…I kind of doubt it though.

Now I better scoot and go do more laundry and start dinner!  Happy Spring Break!!!

3 thoughts on “Spring Break!

  1. **just a side note**
    I went to a fantastic homeschool convention a few weeks ago and sat in on a Spelling session. The man teaching completely confirmed everything I’ve been doing with my boys. We use Sequential Spelling, which looks so much like the word list on your black board. I let them spell them out loud for me most days instead of writing them every day. Teaching words in family groups and building from there is the best way to go and not every program uses that method. Just thought I’d share that with you. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week!

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