We are so proud of Ruby!  She came in 2nd place in the First and Second Grade School Spelling Bee.  Josh and I were just hoping that she made a few rounds so that she wasn’t too upset with herself, so when she kept going…we were pleasantly surprised!

This is the group at the very beginning of the spelling bee.

These were the last three up there.  This isn’t just any three kids in the spelling bee either.   Annie and Maggie’s parents are in our Sunday School class and have been friends of ours for several years now.  It was quite funny to see these three up there.

Chazden, Ruby, Maggie  and Annie

I wish I had taken a picture of Molly every time Ruby got a word right.  She would do the cutest little silent cheer all to herself!  She was one proud little sister, and I just love seeing that.  Mack was into it for as long as the Scooby snacks and cheese and cracker packs held out.  I had a pile of trash piled around my feet at the end of the hour and a half!  That boy is a mess.

And lest we forget to mention Josh in all of this….he thought Ruby was out a couple of times when, indeed, she was not.  He isn’t a super speller.  He says his mom always told him that being a good speller wasn’t an indicator of intelligence.  Bless his heart.  Seriously, though, I can see where it isn’t an indicator of intelligence, but I am still proud of R-U-B-Y.

5 thoughts on “S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G B-E-E

  1. AWESOME!!! I am so proud of Ruby…this was such a good experience for her…and, as Sweetie says, her spelling ability probably results from her interest in reading 🙂 WAY TO GO, RUBY!

  2. YAY RUBY!!! We are all so proud of Ruby too! She is such a smart, little girl!! And that doesn’t surprise me about Josh….lol! 🙂

  3. WOOHOO FOR RUBY…the Kosobucki’s are so proud of Ruby!!
    Keep up the good work and the reading.

  4. Great Ruby.

    We are so proud of you. I once up on a time would really get up set when I was trying to get your Grand and the Uncles to learn their spelling.
    Love you. GG

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