It seems like forever since I have logged on and done any blogging.  Packing and unpacking and keeping up with all of life’s regular responsibilities will suck the life out of you take up most of your day, it seems.

We are back at our other house, and we like it.  I am enjoying the 7 minute commute to the girls school and the 5 minute drive to church.  You just can’t beat that!  The 4 minute drive the grocery store, Wal-Mart, and the car wash don’t hurt either.

I am really not on here to talk about our move though.  I just thought I should record this conversation from this morning:

Mack:    I had a dream about Daddy.  He was hunting and shooting birds that were eating peanuts.

Me:  Oh, really?  The birds were eating peanuts?

Mack:  No, actually, Daddy was shooting the birds and then he’d shoot the peanuts and the peanuts would fly at the  birds belly.  He shooted the peanuts back at the birds.

ME: Why did he shoot the peanuts back?

Mack:  He didn’t want the peanuts to go in his gun because then his gun wouldn’t work. (Pause) You know I was in the dream, too?

Me:  You were?!

Mack:  Um…I was saying, “Go, Daddy!  Go, Daddy!”

Me: Why?

Mack:  Ah-cuz I didn’t want the birds to shoot him.


One thought on “Forever

  1. Truette woke up yesterday morning and said “I had the weirdest dream, I went to the fridge and there was all types of cake in there”. I think Mack’s dream wins the weird dream prize hands down.

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