Tell me, please

Would someone please….anyone in the world…tell me why it is that we can never find our shoes.  And when I say “we” and “our,” I mean “THEY”  and “THEIR.”  And when I say “THEY” and “THEIR,” I am talking about my KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a back door that we always use.  Always.:

And when you walk in the door you see our mudroom (my very favorite room in the house):

And in this precious mudroom, I have placed bins.  Some even have a personalized tag on them:

In a perfect world, a little person would enter, remove shoes and put them in a basket that has their name on it.  Then, amazingly, when it is time to leave again and this little person needs a pair of shoes…..pull out the basket and THERE would be shoes.  It would be so neat.  It really would.

Instead, we roam the house whining about where our shoes are and how “I did put them in the basket.  I did!”

Liars.  Little liars.

Another question:  Why would I let my girls sleep in my bed with me when Josh is gone?  I know it is a king sized bed and should be plenty of room.  It’s not.  I got kicked and rolled on more times than I care to recall last night.  This afternoon a nap was in order.   Mack said he wasn’t tired, and I believed him.  He slept in his own bed last night–alone.  So I sent him to his room to play and told him not to bother me while I laid on the couch for a bit.  He agreed.

Then, he must have gotten hungry.  I woke up to him at the island with a few trucks and a bowl of peanuts.

He is so funny to  me.  He also told me today that he liked playing in that thing yesterday at “Trick-Play.”  I didn’t know what in the world he was talking about…and then it hit me….he was saying “Chick-fil-A.”

This morning he was asking Ruby if she remembered really liking trees.  She said, “Yeah, I used to.”  I looked at her confused, and she told me, “He is saying that I used to like cheese.”

Oh, ok.


3 thoughts on “Tell me, please

  1. Oh My! I am laughing out loud right now!! Mack is so funny!!! Love his hair too. And I must say how we have different issues at our home…my kids ALWAYS want shoes on…from the moment their feet hit the floor until right before bath time each night, they have shoes on! I sometimes dream of them walking around barefoot….

  2. I can TOTALLY relate to the shoe thing! We have the same setup in our mudroom (except ours is red:) and we have the same problem. Most of the time the boys’ shoes are scattered in the yard and they are wet and muddy. I’ve had many meltdowns about this:) Nothing worse than running late and having to take time to look for shoes!! Love that Mack, too. He IS funny. What did we do before we had our kids to keep us entertained?!

  3. That Mack is a riot!! You should probably teach him the diffence between mushrooms and marshmellows now…before it becomes and issue. It never gets easier. My boys lose their shoes, wear MY socks, and can’t find the truck keys. I am sure I will miss them when they are gone…maybe.

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