Kind Kid

Mack is such a nice little boy. We get to hang out by ourselves each Tuesday and Friday, and I really love our time together. I have noticed that over the past few months he has gotten so good at telling us how much he loves us. I sure hope he keeps that up throughout his whole life.

Like today at lunch he looked at me and said, “Isn’t this a great time we are having together?”

On a walk at PawPaw’s house he said, “Mom, you sure are a great mom to take such care of us kids.” He then added, “And Dad sure is a great dad, isn’t he?”

The other day he walked Josh to the back door and told him he loved him, gave him a hug and a five and then closed the door. He looked at me and said, “Daddy is just the greatest Daddy, isn’t he?….” Then he let out a big sigh like the thought of such a great Daddy was just too much to take in.

I love that Mackie-boy.


6 thoughts on “Kind Kid

  1. Tell Mack that I agree….he does have really good parents and those sisters aren’t so bad either.

    I love that Mackie-boy, Big Mack, Mack Attack too.

  2. Hey Kristy – Those “littl boys” can break your heart. I
    should know – raising two. Mack is so sweet and the girls too. All of these kids can come up with such sweet
    things – I wish I could spend as much time with Renny as
    I got to with Vance. But just didn’t work out that way.
    But I still see them. Going to take a Vance and Renny vacation day before long and keep them. They wear me out
    but I love it.

  3. I love all three so much. They are so much fun to be with. I hope to help fill the gap in their lives. Gran loved them so much.

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