Last carpool of the year

Well, this afternoon I sat in the last carpool line of the year!  The girls are now officially on their Christmas break, which means I am, too.  Yipeee!

They each had Christmas parties and brought home cute little gifts and lots of chocolate.

Mack and I roamed Wal-Mart today.  He talked to me the entire time.  It cracks me up.

I went into a “young” store.  I mean, it was kind of obvious that a thirty-something shouldn’t be shopping there.  I held a shirt up to me and asked Mack what he thought.  His response was, “That is another girls shirt.”  Translation: You are too old to wear that cute shirt, Mom.

Even a three year old knows.

I also accidentally bought the wrong contraption for my i-pod connection for the car, and I told Mack we were going to have to go back into Wal-Mart.  He said, “I think I will just stay in the car and wait on you.”  I told him he couldn’t do that, so then he started “scolding” me and saying, “I saw that you got the wrong thing.  I knew it was the wrong one.”

Oh my goodness.

It gets worse.  I told him since it was so cold I would hold him (and his 43 pound self).  He still complained that he was “soooo cold,” so I said, “I will run and we’ll get in there faster.”  I started running.  He said, “You could run a little faster.”

That boy.

We are  going to have fun, fun, fun…..more pictures and posts to come….maybe.

3 thoughts on “Last carpool of the year

  1. Okay, this cracks me up!!! What is up with these sassy-mouthed boys in the family??? I thought that was the job for the girls???????????????? Too funny!

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